Errol Lewis


Wendy Lewis


Jules and Don Stephens


Doug Barber


Shawn Moreau

  Meet the organizing team for Urban Air North. We all have two things in common, we’re Canadian (eh), and we love our Airstreams.

Planning Canada’s first urban camping experience is something that we’re all committed to.

The challenge of bringing our ‘shiny homes’ to small town Canada, is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the vision of Wally Byam, who created the early Airstreams, and organized caravans that travelled throughout Canada, spreading goodwill.

Our choice of Collingwood, Ontario as the location for the 2018 Urban Air North event is strategic.

Collingwood fits the bill of a small town with a rich past history of shipbuilding.

Most recently the area is known more for the slopes of the Blue Mountain Ski Resort and Village, which draws scores of people, from all over Ontario and beyond.

Wasaga Beach a fifteen minute drive to the Georgian Bay also attracts its quota of sun lovers, who enjoy the water and the escape from the city.

We’re working hard to make this an event to remember, with hot air balloon tethered rides, foot stomping music, city tours and a lot more.

Best of all, our efforts will ‘Big Up’ a small town that more than deserves the attention. Our combined efforts will allow local charities to benefit, and small business to get an end of season boost.

Thank you all in advance, we realize that we need your support to pull this off. It takes a village, and just maybe a tribe of Airstreams.